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The SAGE advert

The SAGE advert

So how long exactly must we endure the oversized SAGE advert on every page? I know the site needs to be funded by advertising, but I've already got two* new people that I just want to punch.

EDIT: * 2 + 1 = 3


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02nd Aug 2012 13:12

Ad block

Maybe it's just time to install an ad-blocking plugin on your web browser?

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02nd Aug 2012 13:17

I can't do that...

... for the same reason that I can't install the Rapport software that my bank try to get me to download every freaking time I want to check my balance. The IT police don't allow it.

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02nd Aug 2012 13:23

A rule of thumb for any business, the bigger the advert, the worse the product.

Compare and contrast:

Sage advert, huge.

Xero advert, non-existent.

User base going up at which supplier?

User base going down at which supplier?

Says it all really.


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02nd Aug 2012 13:35

I was going to post the same thing, I assume AW are getting a decent price for such prominent space but its just a shame that its Sage!

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02nd Aug 2012 13:36

I absolutely hate the ads that go down the sides

... and get accidentally clicked every time you slightly miss when clicking the scroll bar :(

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02nd Aug 2012 13:53


think you may need a new mouse?

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02nd Aug 2012 14:12

no @justsotax

The mouse is fine!  I need a new connection between fingers & brain (they are getting a little worn!)

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02nd Aug 2012 14:29

@George Attazder

... quite agree, it makes me hate Sage even more than I already do!

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By dreamcatcher
02nd Aug 2012 14:40

How about this

perhaps AW could run a little interactive game along with the sage advert that allowed you to use your mouse to throw darts at it.  Maybe combine this with a points systems so AW users could compare scores.

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02nd Aug 2012 15:05

Personally I love

having to scroll 3/4 way down a page to find the start of the question.....ok i don't is nearly a full page advert....not great.....interactive game feature sounds good (on one game i had for the commodore 64 there was a really simple shoot em up game whilst the disk was loading the main game....stopped the boredom of the 10 minute loading time......)

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02nd Aug 2012 15:41

Mr. Smug

Got to say Mr. Smug looks like the smuggest of smugmen from Smugginton, the capital of Smugland. 

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02nd Aug 2012 16:13

Mr Smug looks like he either sells mobile phones or is the branch manager for a small supermarket.

Mrs Smug looks like she is feeling frisky, husband is out and the hunky gardener just arrived.

Or is that just me?

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02nd Aug 2012 16:20

is that...


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02nd Aug 2012 16:23

Either you all have very draconian IT managers, or you need to start using an ad blocker....

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02nd Aug 2012 16:28


@thisistibi, and what and miss all the fun?

@justsotax, are you telling us that Bob is just an internet troll and his image is just some random artwork stolen from an advert? Must admit, it might explain a lot.....

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02nd Aug 2012 16:32


i couldn't possibly comment.....

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02nd Aug 2012 16:34

Can i ask....

Why all the Sage hate on this website?

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02nd Aug 2012 16:46


A search on AWeb for Sages pricing & selling tactics will explain a lot.

Also, there is better (and cheaper) software available that doesn't need a first class degree in 'how to do things the long way round' to get the best out of it.

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02nd Aug 2012 16:50

Re: how to do things the long way round

i admit there maybe better and cheaper alternatives out there at the moment.Of course they are going to try and sell you thier latest product, but wouldn't you to (you have to think of the benefits of the newer versions)?

but as for: "how to do things the long way round" i think that may just be a user error.

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02nd Aug 2012 16:51

Paid adverts

@Shirley - I thought you were OK with paid adverts.

@YourReallyShouldn't & JustSoTax - so brave for a couple of faceless wonders.


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to tom123
02nd Aug 2012 16:55

So True.....

Bob Harper wrote:

@YourReallyShouldn't & JustSoTax - so brave for a couple of faceless wonders.



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02nd Aug 2012 16:54

sorry Bob...

thought you might take it in the spirit it was meant....(rest assured my face would sell no services at all...thus the reason i choose not to put my picture on anything - on that basis more power to you)

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02nd Aug 2012 17:30


I used Sage for around 20+ years, and I used to teach it, too.

I thought Sage was wonderful ...... until I got my own practice and started looking at alternatives.

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02nd Aug 2012 17:44


I don't have a problem with Sage.  It was the unnecessarily large advert that was annoying me.

Blissfully it seems to have disappeared.

Hello Bob!

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By Flash Gordon
02nd Aug 2012 17:48

I wouldn't mind but..

I click on Any Answers just as the advert pops up and end up on the Sage site instead! Very frustrating.

I always feel like I'd be missing out on something if I used a blocker :)

@ George - I agree, why do I need to be offered their ****ing Rapport every day? I've not agreed to it yet so you'd think that might suggest there's not a cat in hells chance for the future....

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03rd Aug 2012 12:36

Aweb doesn't learn - we have had this issue before ....

Last year sometime with exactly the same issues

That ad was pulled

Unfortunately Aweb has not learn't from the previous episode - guess the question should be WHY NOT - mmm...

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03rd Aug 2012 16:41

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