Malcolm Veall
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Time & Billing

Time & Billing

In QuickBooks it is possible to record time to clients and then have it turned automatically into invoiced time based on charge rates. this used to be in Regular, costing c £100. It is now only in Pro, costing RRP £300.

Do AWeb mebers have other recomendations of software that will do this for small clients who charge clients based on time? Ideally to integrate into full accounts as QuickBooks does.
Malcolm Veall


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By Anonymous
27th Jun 2008 17:17

Recording time for clients

As the need is for your small clients, it may be worth looking at Four Four Time Project Timing software. It is very simple - operating and reporting with just a click of the mouse, and will record time spent on clients (projects). It does not integrate into full accounts, but can be exported into Excel if necessary. The cost for a single user version is £49.50 + VAT. Full details, demo and download are available on the website at

Kind regards
Jill Spiers

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25th Jun 2008 11:35

Try Timesheets Xpress

There is a free version - great and very functional and can create billing for individual clients/jobs etc - if you then upgrade you can add extras. Links to Quick Books, Sage, Excel etc

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