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Time recording software

Time recording software

I am looking for a simple time recording software in order to record my time on each clients affairs.
Keith Knowles


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21st Mar 2003 23:19

Take advantage of first year capital allowances
If you are looking for Time Recording software, now is the time to buy! Take advantage of the 100% First Year capital allowances for small businesses before 1 April 2003.
TimeExpense and FixedFee are two time recording software programmes available for either network use or as a standalone option from T. Bookman Ltd

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By admin
10th Dec 2000 01:10

Simplest Time & Fees System
Intact Software has produced very very simple time recording & fees ledger.

Growing no. of delighed users on the back
simple approach delivering good information on the back a powerful report generator and
a commercial approach to the problem

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08th Dec 2000 19:06

Neville - Test time software
Neville, please send details re time keeping software

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By ksalter
06th Dec 2000 12:08

Time recording
Try Procost from ProAcc systems. Ability to have online time sheets to update system and as simple or as sophisticated as you want it to be. Ring Gavin or Lorraine on 01786 458012 for further details.

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By admin
05th Dec 2000 08:54

Bob Foley
If you are looking for test sites we are a small, highly computerised (virtually paperless) practice of 1 accountant and 3 part-time staff running a Windows 98 peer-to-peer network with an NT server.

I have been looking for a simple time recording package for years, but most are totally over-the-top for our needs. The time recording elements built into the various pieces of software we use are only applicable to that software. So we need a system that sits on the desk top, doesn't consume vast resources, and you can enter actions as they occur.

I have considered writing a small access system and have started many times but always run out of time and energy.

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By BirdnCo
02nd Dec 2000 11:34

Combine Tax Software with Time Recording
If you use tax software, such as Objective Tax or Forbes, these both offer time recording systems. The advantage is that they both use the same database for both tax returns etc and time recording.
Contact me if you would like their addresses.
Pete Bird

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01st Dec 2000 16:53

Time Recording Software
We are currently evaluating Caseware Time which seems to be quite effective. Their web site is

Before that, we used PTP The Professional Office Lite but I consider Caseware to be a superior product.

Alternatively a spreadsheet can be used to provide an reasonably effective but more time-consuming system.

Steve Vigors-Evans

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01st Dec 2000 23:15

Time recording software
Have you looked at Quickbooks Pro8 from Intuit?

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