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Time recording software

Time recording software

My practice is small but growing with 3 staff at present with a view to increasing to 4 later in the year.

At present we just use timesheets I designed on Excel but I would ideally like a proper systems where reports could be produced, recoveries assessed etc.

I use IRIS for accounts prep & business tax at present with taxcalc for tac returns.

Can anyone recommend a system, what would be the likely cost?



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By Anonymous
01st Apr 2009 17:12

Thanks Ian, I've just had a look at TimeExpress2 and it looks just like the sort of thing I'm looking for - I've requested the free trial.

With regards IRIS, I've enquired and my eyes are still watering from the cost - £800 first year + £400 ongoing for 2 users - OK this is fine but they also want £835 for a day's training and they are quite insistent the training is needed.

I'm not prepared to shell out £1,600 for the size of my practice - I'm sure I will eventually integrate everything in IRIS but I think I need to grow a little more first!

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By Anonymous
27th Mar 2009 10:39

TimeXpress2 - good but not expensive
TimeXpress2 is an inexpensive but well rounded program and the entry level license for up to 5 staff records (1 user) is £350 per annum annual license which includes support and updates. More details can be seen at and a 30 day trial download is also available.

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By Anonymous
24th Mar 2009 13:30

Thanks everyone...
... very helpful.

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20th Mar 2009 13:33

Have a look at one you probably already have. QuickBooks time recording is easy & flexible. Personally I use QuickBooks for my practice accounts & time is recorded against the same work-types that generate the fee estimates & invoices. Hence the time estimates that were used to generate the fee estimates can be directly compared with time recorded.

It records time, which can be quantified periodically at charge rates if you want, but it does not do traditional accountants' WIP. I consider this to be a huge advantage, ie no long-winded excercises to write-out WIP as billed or written off.

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20th Mar 2009 12:26

Try Iris
Since you're already an Iris user it makes sense to take a look at their practice management/time and fees/automail modules. These integrate neatly with their accounts/tax/cosec modules. Not a cheap option but I know accountants who love all the integrated information and the fact that they can control/monitor everything in one package.

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20th Mar 2009 12:24

Time logs
We use Timeslice, very easy and flexible to use.

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By bluQube
19th Mar 2009 15:26

Hi Rossie,

You may be interested in the timesheets functionality we offer within bluQube. bluQube is accounting software ideally suited to larger or growing organisations, and we offer a hosted solution which would work well with smaller accountancy practices who also need to devolve access to their clients, if this is a route you're looking to go down. Reports are easily generated for timesheets and expenses and we also offer project costing functionality for accountability on large jobs or ongoing projects.

Feel free to get in touch if you'd like to chat further or 08456 44 77 88.

Best regards


bluQube Finance Software

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18th Mar 2009 21:06


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18th Mar 2009 16:48
It is a basic time tracking system but may be of interest since the basic version is free.
Go to and see the demo. It can be upgraded to the extended version. All the details are on the website.


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By onesys
23rd Dec 2009 18:35

Eye-watering Costs and Cost-Benefit Analysis

In a practice with fewer than 5 fee-earners a mainstream timesheet application can be hard to justify.

However we find that few service sector businesses know how much their manual or spreadsheet-based system is costing them to run and manage, not to mention the errors that creep in during the re-entry of data.

Sage Coretime has an average return on investment of only 6 months. One client was undercharging his clients to such an extend that he recovered his costs within 6 weeks. He was very happy with his investment.

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