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=TODAY() circular reference??

I have a developed a spreadsheet that i need to send out to colleagues which uses the function =today(). The cell that this function is in is not linked to anything else but it's causing a circular reference for some reason. I've tried Googling this and can see that other people have had the same issue but can't find any responses. My workbook is .xlsx in Excel 2007. Can anyone help please? I could live with it if it was just for my use but i don't want to publish it others likes this!  


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other cells refer to it in calculations so that it is another cell referring to it that has the circular reference?

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Google - 'excel find circular reference' ...


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Odd indeed

Apart from the above:

Have you tried the file on another computer?

Is Excel 2007 updated as far as possible?

Possible workaround: Does =NOW() give the same problem? If not, could you use that instead?

Long shot: Have you got a user defined function called TODAY?

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