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transfer of agency identifier

transfer of agency identifier

Part of my practice is being split and I recall from a few years ago when we took over another small firm, this can be problematical as far as having the 64-8 details transferred within the various HMRC departments.  Does anyone have any experience of this?  What I need is for the clients being taken to the new firm to have a smooth transition so that all HMRC departments recognise the new agency name they will have to deal with.  When we took over the other practice a few years ago we found that a few years down the line propblems were still being raised with clients for whom we hadn't had to speak to HMRC since the change.  Anyone know the best way of going about this?  I did try to speak to HMRC about it but was completely underwhelmed by the response - just advised me to write in with a list of the clients that needed changing about 5 weeks before the change is due to take place.


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By dreamcatcher
18th Apr 2012 09:44

CAA Team

A few years ago the practice I used to work for merged with another practice and we had to go through the process of transferring 64-8s.  What we did was send a list of the relevant clients to the CAA Team in Newcastle with a covering letter explaining the merger of both practices and they dealt with the whole process.

I seem to recall it went quite smoothly with only a handful of cases where we found out we didn't have authorisation at a later stage.

Although these days you could try the new Agent Account Managers at HMRC and see what process they recommend.

I would be interested to know how you get on.

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18th Apr 2012 10:42

You could try...

obtaining new forms 64-8 for all of the clients ensuring the new agent code is shown. Possibly laborious but probably safest...

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