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Transfer of Assets Between Spouses

Transfer of Assets Between Spouses

I have a Company director who has a terminal illness and wants to transfer his shares to his wife.

HMRC guide GC22010 says that transfers take place for such consideration as will give rise to neither gain nor loss for the transferror.

There is a commercial building on the balance sheet as well as cash deposits.

My question is - what is the value of the shares for the transfer - the nominal value (£1 each) or a value based on the strength of the balance sheet?


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By neileg
08th Jan 2013 12:30


It is the price that the husband paid or the March 1982 value if the shares were aquired before then. Obviously the husband may have paid the nominal value of £1 each but then again he may not.

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By LyneT
08th Jan 2013 12:34

IHT on death

Why does he want to transfer them now?

If the widow waited until he died to acquire the shares, she would get a CGT uplift to MV at his death.

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By vince8
08th Jan 2013 16:50

Agree with LyneT

And has she got any CGT bearing assets she can transfer to him now??

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