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Transfer of shares

Transfer of shares

Could anyone please let me know the process of how to transfer shareholding?

Is this relatively simple or would I be better off passing to a specialist?

Big Bob


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By occca
15th Jun 2009 07:52

Changing issued share capital
It is not as easy to reduce the issued share capital as it is to just rejig the shareholdings, subject to tax issues

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By yeboyye
14th Jun 2009 23:29

Cancel the share?
Assuming there are four £1 ordinary shares in issue and fully paid. Is there any reason why we can't give one shareholder his £1 back and cancel the share. We then have a company with three issued shares and owned 1/3 each. Maybe this is too simple but hopefully someone else will add further comments. Subject of course to Phil's comment re possible value.

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By Anonymous
12th Jun 2009 14:39

Cheers Phil.

Company set up with 4 shareholders 25% each, just about to start trading so no distributable profits, 1 shareholder wants to sever all ties so new split 33/33/34.

So a simple scenario but I haven't done this before.

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12th Jun 2009 14:21

The actual process is easy
Just download a stock transfer form (google for one).
But you may need a specialist to deal with the tax consequences.
A bit of background info would help.

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