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Transferring VAT registration

Transferring VAT registration

 A client has been registered under the flat rate vat scheme as a sole trader. He is now about to incorporate the same business and will transfer his VAT registration to the new company. I am assuming I will need to re-apply to join the flat rate scheme but are there likely to be any issues with doing this? 


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07th Apr 2011 14:36

Get your 1% discount

Transferring the business as a going concern with a new vat number you can register for the flat rate scheme and also gain the 1% discount for the 1st 12 months.

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By jeh
10th Apr 2011 15:27

Connected company..

Is that allowable with a connected person/company?

I have a similar situation where sole trader flat rate anniversary was 11/10 Vat Qtr and he just went over the total turnover threshold.  He now wants to incorporate into a ltd co with himself as sole director.  Wouldnt that be seen as connected parties?

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