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Trial Balance in Excel

I tend to use A3 Trial Balance Paper, on manual jobs, with the 14 columns-Balance b/fwd,Bank Account, Cash Account etc.

This can be quite time consuming, particularly when adding up a column or when making a mistake and having to re-add.

Has anyone devised their own Trial Balance in Excel or could someone point me in the direction of where I could download my own version.

Many Thanks


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3rd time lucky
I requested a copy on 26 Dec and again on 12Jan.
No joy as yet.
Have others received a copy?

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James Pearce TB
Hi James, Could you mail your TB, yes late in the que but hey its drum beats here in Z.
Many thks

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Didn't get my copy...
...James sorry to be a pain but I did not seem to get my copy...

nick at


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E-mail addresses
There is some concern in the posts regarding the possible use of email addresses supplied for spamming. Look at spamgourmet site ( for how to create free disposable email addresses.

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lots of takers
perhaps you should ask for a nominal fee to cover the admin?

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copy also

would also appreciate copy


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Have you thought about setting up a database TB?
I know it's tax season and everyone is probably most interested in a quick fix.

But the message from ExcelZone is that spreadsheets are not the ideal media for retaining important data for the long term (it's too easy to change/overwrite).

For those who have a bit of time on their hands and are curious about how databases can be used for such tasks, check out Simon Hurst's tutorial series on how to build an extended trial balance application in Microsoft Access. There's also a short introduction on how to set up a basic TB.

You can subscribe to the ExcelZone newswire to receive free fortnightly updates on spreadsheet news and tutorials. (NB - when it has signed you up, the link will take you to the AccountingWEB home page).

Good luck - whichever solution you choose!

John Stokdyk
Technology editor,

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May i jump on the bandwagon.......
and have a copy also? I am hoping to get in before you are inundated!

Many thanks


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I shall send out another batch later today. Please ensure you email address is listed if you want it!!



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Are so many computer illiterate accountants!?
I have been using Excel (or its forerunners) to produce ETBs ("Extended Trial Balance" for those who might not know the term) for about 20 years now! The data for the ETB comes direct from Cash Book/Bank Statement Analyses via links. The the results of the ETB are transferred to a final set of accounts (sole trader/partnership/company/whatever)again via links. Each case is tailor made for each client. To use the ancient A3 analysis paper would be like going back to read H Foulks Lynch's Spicer & Pegler Book-keeping & Accounts

Am I astounded that any modern day accountant could ask such a question. At first, I thought it must be from a student starting out on a GNVQ course in book-keeping but then all the requests for a copy started appearing.


I suggest that the ICAEW takes all the names of those asking for copies and arranges a Practice Assurance visit on them.

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What has paper got to do with Practice Assurance?

It's comments like yours that often stop people from asking for help or simply expressing an interest.

Perhaps you might like to explain what constructive purpose your post serves?

As you're obviously such a God, why don't you offer your spreadsheets - and perhaps we can all learn something from your exemplary coding skills?

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No problem Sheelagh... is

Simple cashbook spreadsheet priced at £9.99. It is intended for one client use only but we can negotiate on that.

Merry Xmas!!

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Me too please
Please may I have a copy too. Thank you.

By the way, if you go to Nick R's Yorkshire Accountancy website, you can buy an excellent bookkeeping Excel spreadsheet to a very reasonable fee. (hoe you don't mind me mentioning it Nick)

Merry Christmas

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Post your email address (maybe setup a hotmail account) and I'll send you one with linking journals (woo-hoo!).


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on its way

I shall send out the s/sht shortly.

Alister - what they don't realise is that it has a secret macro which sends me their client lists!

Only joking - Merry Christmas all.

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Surely it would take about ten minutes to set this up from scratch?

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I'm mostly with Ian on this
the question relates to something relatively trivial, and something which any qualified accountant should be able to create with ease. and within 10 minutes max.
I can see no harm in using analysis paper to get the same result, but spreadsheet solution is much more efficient.

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Well Done James for providing everyone with the TB Spreadsheet.I didn't realise that this many people would ask for a copy. Sorry to have asked in the first place!

Find Ian's comments a bit much. As James says-why doesn't he make his spreadsheets available to everyone

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try "more" software
how about getting your clients to use "more" software - the cashbook package. I'v ebeen giving it to my clients for 2 years and it gives you a complete TB at the ye.

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Me too please
Grateful if you would send me a copy too.

Many thanks and happy new year to you.



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Debi, please post your email addr

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Thanks James

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