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I would like to know which accounting software is better to be equiped with UBS or MYOB?
Jon Tay


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By Jon Tay
05th Apr 2008 16:43

Thanks for letting me know how user friendly MYOB is and I seem to be getting the same feedback from accountants I know. Only thing is that to be trained in MYOB one has to do an LCCI Diploma in Accounting with MYOB at my college in Petaling Jaya which is abit of a pain. I can't seem to do it on its own as a separate package. It is like saying you can buy a car but you have to have it in black nothing else.

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03rd Apr 2008 16:13

UBS is a Malaysian based software, which SAGE acquired last year.

UBS is very similar to SAGE, in the sense that you require to have good double entry knowledge, and that you need to know which accounts you need to post to.

On the other hand, MYOB is very user friendly. It has an internet feel to it with lots of icons. The language here is tailored to the lay person on the street who would not understand basic bookkeeping. So you would see selections in icon form such as 'Paying cheques'. Other than journals, when choosing the icons, one side of the double entry would be preset by the software, you just have to choose the other side general / nominal ledger account.

It all depends on the user. If you are using a qualified staff, then you may wish to select UBS. If you do not have basic bookkeeping, then select MYOB, as it is very user friendly.

I hope this explanation helps.

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31st Mar 2008 11:18

What does your accountant recommend?
I had to check on 'UBS Software', as I'd never heard of them. They're Malaysian, so I assume, Jon, that you are based there.

I suspect that not many AccountingWeb users will be able to provide much advice on your query, as this site tends to focus on UK issues.

Can I suggest firstly that you talk to your accountant and ask what software they recommend. If they have a preference, then your life will be a lot simpler if you go with that. Integration with your accountant's own software may make a real difference to your end of year bill!

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