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Using Google Sites for systemisation

Using Google Sites for systemisation

As I have mentioned before I use Google apps for business that I think is great. I am progressing with systemisation. I am thinking of using Google Sites as my intranet to store all systems information. This includes procedures and  forms, basically all matters not directly related to the client.

I have recently come across Google Sites. It is part of my Google apps for business package. Only £30 per year per user. It really is a no brainer.

Has anyone used Google Sites? What do you use it for? Any good? 

Any views on using Google Sites as intranet/systemisation storage?


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28th Oct 2011 13:27

Never used Google sites but my only consideration is will it add any value as opposed to just keeping the documents on your network/server?

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28th Oct 2011 14:20

Google sites

I used it to create and maintain a basic website for a charity I am involved with - I found it fairly easy to use and update.


But as the user above suggested - does it add any value to you? On the contrary - I think it will utilise a lot of your time to get it up and running - I could understand if you had 5-10 staff - then it would simplify the process of finding & updating standard documents.

Then again it may be a good idea to get it up and running now rather than waiting till you grow to that size.


BTW: have you looked at this site: - is this along the lines of what you were thinking?

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28th Oct 2011 15:04

May be an over kill?

Thanks for the response.

BBW- the link you gave is exactly what I have in mind.

Intranet may be an over kill. I will read further response and think again. I may just try it out on a small scale and see how time consuming to set up it would be  compared to usefullness.


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28th Oct 2011 15:11


... that link looks fairly good for getting a system in place - does anyone else have experience of using them?

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28th Oct 2011 16:21

Early look opinion

I started to look at Google Sites. At this stage it looks good. I think it will work well.

They are various templates to get going. I came across this one. I think it fits with systemisation.


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By Kryton
29th Oct 2011 00:05


Hi FirstTab,

What are you trying to acheive with putting your documents on a website? Surely you can just store your "systemisation"  documents with the rest of your google docs?


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29th Oct 2011 18:32

Intranet better?

Hi Kryton, thanks for your response. I spent an 1.5 hours yesterday on this. I will spend further time today.

I looked at Googe sites, yesterday and it seems it will work better for systemisation.

Here is an example. Lets say I want to outline the payroll system. There will be an intranet page explaining how the work should be done/steps involved. This page would also have have all the relevant documents  attached. For example 

Payroll letter of engagementProforma for collecting new employee details

I do not think I will acheive this with Google Docs?


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By Kryton
30th Oct 2011 14:46


Hi FirstTab,

still not quite sure what you need a website for. Is it that you cannot group the google docs how you want, or you do not want the letters/forms in google document format?

I do not use Google documents so I am not quite sure if the issue is with filing of Google Documents. But if I was to use a conventional word processor, I would group the templates and instructions in a folder called "Payroll Engagement Process".

Further, If you use a CRM system you may be able to "Mail merge" the templates with your client details to produce much of the engagement letters and proforma automatically.

Best regards,






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31st Oct 2011 08:59

Is this clear?

Hi Kryton

I hope the image below  of my intranet page will make things clear. Very much a work in progress.

Take an example. On the quotation page, not only I would have a page of text to copy from but also I would be able to attach any files and make comments.

It is also so easy to set up Google sites and work with Google sites. My IT skills are below average.

Further when I my gmail search Google sites results come up as well. This is helpful.


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