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VAT and The Round Table

I have recently taken over as Chairman of the local Round Table. We are involved in fundraising for charities. We are not registered as a local charity, but the National Round Table is a registerd charity.

Is there a way of us not paying VAT on purchases or reclaiming the VAT paid.

Mark Gosling


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Round Tablers
I suggest that you speak to Steve Cavell at the Round Table offices in Birmingham for guidance on this issue. He may refer you me

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You do not need to be a registered charity... be a "charity" for VAT purposes and eligible for the various reliefs.

Briefly, if a company is non-profit making and has the make-up of a charity, i.e. its activities are carried out for the benefit of the community etc., it may be eligible for the charity reliefs.

Charity reliefs are very specific and are unlikely to relieve VAT on all of the Round Table's purchases.


Paul Taylor

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