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VAT between UK and EU

A question,

If a company is based abroad (within the EU but not UK), and they supply services to a UK business, do they add on VAT? Also how would this work if the UK business was supply a service to an EU company?

Am I right in thinking that no VAT is charged on the invoice to the customer as they can apply the reverse charge rule, but must compete an EC Sales Listing?

Any advice is welcome. :)


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You can have as many companies for the same price with QuickBooks. I would say it's a better accounting package, too.

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For a cheap package that has lots of parts included, and is ixbrl compliant, try VT.

Look on accountingweb and you'll see lots of favourable comments.


Sudipta Moore - Director, Moore Accountancy "We do More Than Just Accounting"

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ACCA practising certficate

You'll need to get your ACCA practising certificate first - I'd get that sorted first then think about how you are going to work.

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ACCA very restrictive

ACCA are very restrictive as to what they allow you to do whilst studying.  I think from memory they only allow you to undertake bookkeeping work, so preparing tax returns would be a no no.

In terms of a software package you can't go wrong with VT.  The software looks very basic but its very flexible when compared to other packages such as Sage and Quickbooks.  I (hopefully !) have attached a link.

All the best with ACCA.


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