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VAT claim on barn conversion

VAT claim on barn conversion

I have been asked by a client if I could sort out their VAT claim on their barn conversion for them. This is something that I've never done before, so I've told them that I'll have to look into it before letting them know if I'll do it for them or not.

Before reading up on it I was wondering if anyone on here can tell me how straight forward these claims tend to be and if there is anything I should watch out for. I don't want to land myself with a pain in the neck job for what I'm guessing might only be a couple of hundred pound job!  




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18th Jun 2012 15:40

Who, what, when?

More info required to establish who has done what etc

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to JJFWilson
18th Jun 2012 16:02

Not sure what information is required

Clients of mine are converting a barn into a home for themselves - they are not developers. They have asked me if I can deal with the VAT claim. I think some of the work was carried out by a building firm that they employed but the later work was done on a DIY basis.


Not sure what other details are required?



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18th Jun 2012 16:13

Time Consuming

These can be quite time consuming.

I've only ever dealt with a couple of them, but remember the analysis of receipts etc took an age.

But, at the same time you can agree a fee based on a %age of the VAT refund received, so it can provide quite a nice fee at the end.

This should have all of the information you require 



p.s. you might want to check that they actually qualify for a refund before doing the work!! 

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18th Jun 2012 16:19

Your response indicates ...

... the need to provide precise details.

You say your clients "are converting a barn" - present or future tense, but then say "the work was carried out" and "the later work was done" - past tense. I wasn't sure from the original question whether you were talking about a DIY Scheme refund, or a claim against the builders for charging the wrong rate, or what.

From what you say, it should be a straightforward claim - plenty of guidance on HMRC website.

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18th Jun 2012 21:16

Barn Conversion

form VAT431C from HMRC is a helpful document, which provides the claim form and some notes.

A current problem is the wording of the planning permission; and whether there is a 'restriction on use or disposal,' which frequently applies in rural areas.

make sure you fulfil time limits, and provide all relevant documents

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