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VAT online access and new HMRC id

VAT online access and new HMRC id

thought I posted this but I can't find it

went from sole trader to incorporated practice. Have a bunch of clients under the old HMRC id for VAT online.

Is there an easy way to transfer them to the new HMRC id so they show under my new agent code or do I have to go through the pain of setting them all up again?

many thanks


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01st Aug 2012 10:21

I didn't have to change my login refs

Per excellent advice from people on Aweb, when I incorporated I just wrote to the Agent Maintainer section asking them to transfer my details/clients to the new company name. I kept the same reference numbers etc. I didn't need to set up a new ID.

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02nd Aug 2012 04:33

will try that, many thanks

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02nd Aug 2012 10:55

Writing to Agent Maintainer worked for me too, everything transferred over. They did take a while though and the inability to speak to them in the meantime was frustrating.

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By Monsoon
02nd Aug 2012 11:12

Yep, agent maintainer

I've moved from sole trader, to Ltd Co 1, to Ltd Co 2. Same agent ref throughout.

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