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VAT query

VAT query

Hi all,

I've recently started bookkeeping for a local shop, who haven't kept any proper accounts for almost two years. They used a different accountant to process their bookkeeping for financial year ending 31/12/2011. They haven't done any VAT returns for 2011, so have the assessments, which they've paid. Also they have lost their login details for online VAT returns. Accountant has done 64-8 so waiting to hear back from HMRC re that - however, they're still sent paper VAT returns, and I've noticed that the first one they've sent is for 01/02/2012 - 31/04/2012. So, the VAT doesn't run in line with the financial year. Can this be changed? And also if not, I'm confused as to how I would show this in their bookkeeping, all my other clients' VAT runs the same as their financial year. I've never come across this before, so what should I do?! Any advice greatly appreciated. 



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09th Apr 2012 21:10

Nothing unusual

There is nothing unusual here with the vat quater not the same as the year end. All you have to do it to ask the client to write to the VAT office requesting to change their VAT quarter accordingly. Nothing can be done with the April quarter that has already been issued but the adjustment can be made in time for the next one.

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09th Apr 2012 22:14

No big deal

It's no big deal having a VAT quarter different from the financial year-end.  I've never understood why people get worked up about it - in no way, for example, does it stop you from tieing in either the closing creditor, year's sales or purchases into the VAT returns.

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09th Apr 2012 22:29


Yes it is straightforward to change the periods, but note that HMR&C won't allow it if there are outstanding Vat returns or payments.



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By DMGbus
10th Apr 2012 08:33

Form VAT484 can be completed to change the VAT quarter ends to match the annual accounts: 




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