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VAT registration

VAT registration

We are looking to sell goods in France. We would buy in France and sell in France, handle and transport the goods ourselves. I take it this is not a case of triangulation, and we would have to register for VAT in France?

Thanks in advance


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21st Dec 2012 15:00

Registration in France

Correct; you will need to register in France. If necessary, find suitable agent to do this for you. (Oh, the joys of the Single Market!)

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21st Dec 2012 16:19

Unless you are considered to have a fixed establishment in France you cannot register for TVA as you are selling to a French customer who I assume is registered for TVA. In this instance the customer performs a local Reverse Charge to account for the VAT. The only way you can recover the VAT charged is by making a Recovery claim through the UK portal (old 8th Directive).


If you need more help let me know.

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20th Aug 2014 18:00

sorry been a while but the same question is relevant

UK company, with zero rated sales. 

Selling in France, but buys quite a lot in France and also transports goods into France from other EU countries, processes, and then sells to French customers. 


Is French VAT registration really not a possibility? 

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29th Nov 2014 14:21

Corporate VAT expert in France

You might be interested by the services of Corintax Consulting, VAT agent in France for overseas companies.

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