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VAT registration disappeared from agent portal?

VAT registration disappeared from agent portal?

I used to be able to log in on the HMRC website as an agent and either register a client for VAT or see a list of the ones I have registered.  Both the ability to register for VAT and the list seem to have disappeared, any idea where they've been moved to?


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26th Nov 2012 16:06

Another HMRC attempt to simplify gone wrong!

It's much more long-winded now, but if you click the link to 'register for HMRC taxes' at the top of the usual page, and just keep working through the screens, you get there eventually!

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By vince8
26th Nov 2012 16:44

Its simple

This has been raised a few times recently. If I login with my SA User ID and password I get a services I can use page and VAT is something I can enrol for.

If I login with my VAT User ID and password, which is different, I get the reverse, ie SA is something I can enrol for. Once in the SA or VAT bit its all there for you.

So how are you attempting to login?

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26th Nov 2012 17:48

Government Gateway ID

I use that and can see everything.

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27th Nov 2012 10:49

Forever Fiddling!

Many thanks, I did notice the register for HMRC taxes and started down that route, but it wasn't clear it was the right route and i couldn't see my existing registrations after the first hour and a half of screens (OK, slight exaggeration) so I gave up!

I don't know why they feel the need to fiddle, is it something agents have been asking for?  It's the same with Google, my perfectly good UK search results page format has now disappeared without warning and I now have to go through reams of filters, instead of just clicking on UK only.  At least I can change from Google, I can't change from HMRC:-(

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