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VAT Return Differnces to Financail Accounts

VAT Return Differnces to Financail Accounts


I have a client who I complete their CT return but not VAT return and notice that they have claimed for business expenses as part of their VAT return which I have advised them were not "wholly and exclusively business related". I have told them that they need to correct the VAT return (which is under £500) but can you advise me on where I would make this a correction to creditors within one year in their company accounts.

Thank you in advance.


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19th Mar 2012 15:40

VAT Control Account

Adjustment to VAT control account, thus showing payable at the current year balance sheet. You will need to disallow GROSS expenditures in CT computations rather net (after the adjustment of VAT that has become payable now).

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By neileg
19th Mar 2012 16:10


Your term "wholly and exclusively business related" is not one I'm familiar with in connection with VAT. Just wondered what type of expenditure you've singled out.

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