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Does anyone else find Richard Murphy's Tax Justice Network slightly bizarre ? All of the articles seem to conjure up images of dungeons, chains and naked buttocks long overdue for a well-deserved thrashing. Punishment is certainly a prominent and laboured theme. If he ever writes a book, it should certainly be called The Joys Of Tax.


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I confess I am not familiar with the network to which you refer, but I felt compelled to contact you to say 'Well done!' for being the first contributor I am aware of to manage to include the phrase 'naked buttocks' in an Accountingweb post.

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Ulitmate aims?

I think that Richard is angling either for the post of Archbishop of Catnterbury or Chancellor of the Exchequer if this country's finances collapse completely. One envisages members of the Tax Justice Network as wearing medieval armour and being armed for battle.

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cardinal sin

Archbishop of Canterbury ?  Are you sure ? Everyone would want to bash the bishop ! And as for Chancellor of the Exchequer, given the stern tone of his articles, it could bring a literal meaning to flogging the country's reserves. 

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Ok - I had to google it to have a look - but after reading the first few paragraphs I began losing the will to live.


Strikes me this is a bunch of sad individuals who have a bee in their bonnet and really need to get out into the real world.   A bunch of nobodies trying to convince themselves that they are actually "important". 





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