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virtual PC

virtual PC

we're a 2 partner practice working in an office we're looking at a way to extend this to a 3rd person who will be working mainly from home.

we'd like the flexibility of being able to use what we need from anywhere there is internet.

Do you know providers of virtual machines or such services.?

On the same note, perhaps we can achieve the same thing with a QNAP NAS


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26th Feb 2016 20:23

Hosted desktop UK
We have everything hosted with Hosted Desktop uk. Absolutely brilliant. I have no connection with them, just a very happy user.

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26th Feb 2016 21:26


Hosted Accountants also have a great hosted desktop service.  I don't know how I ever worked without it. 


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By jford
26th Feb 2016 22:11

+1 Hosted Accountants
Very happy with HA. Been with them for a couple of years and wouldn't dream of going back to non hosted.

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26th Feb 2016 22:35

Hosted desktop

Again, not connected just happy user

Changed how we worked

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By nrw
27th Feb 2016 09:37


... or just used cloud based services for everything?

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By 3569787
03rd May 2016 15:50



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28th Feb 2016 08:51

Hosted Desktop UK

We are a 3 user firm and I have used Hosted Desktop UK for about 4 years. Massive time saving in not having to do program updates and new program installs. Plus I don't have the cost or worry bout having a server. I thoroughly recommend them.


I am not connected with them in any way.

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29th Feb 2016 23:56

Affinity Desktop Plug
Hi, sorry for the plug. We have developed a Hosted Solution that is just for this and have happy Accountants using it today. One thing that is often overlooked is the Internet connection which needs to be reliable and configured correctly. Unlike many cloud providers we also provide the Internet Connection. We can offer a free trial of the Affinity Desktop which would work well for your requirements. Give us a try.

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03rd Mar 2016 12:20

Hosted Desktop - again!

Another vote for Hosted Desktop!

Means a lot of your IT costs will just go.

You can use a virtual login to a computer at your office if you have your own server there but it ties up a terminal there. However if you have your own in office infrastructure that you wish to use you can go that way. Uses RDC as above but HD is cleaner and more flexible.


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03rd Mar 2016 18:45

QNAP and Virtual PCs

Hi there, had a quick look over the link provided and on the face of it this appears to provide something very similar to our Affinity Desktop and what Hosted Desktop UK are offering. It looks to be only one device which means you have single point of failure which you don't get when using Affinity Desktop. I can't see any specifications and so that would need to be checked to get a handle on performance. One cheap way round getting a third person to work remotely is setup a third inexpensive PC and setup a GotomyPC account. The third person can dial in from anywhere with an internet connection. It's not sophisticated but it does get the job done. The performance of the remote connection again is dependent on the broadband connection but you could test this with a free trial from GoToMyPC on an existing PC.

One other though is that if you have a really good PC you could use something like VirtualBox on an existing computer and setup Remote Desktop Connection and with the right configuration the third person could access that virtual PC.

This doesn't really solve the need of anyone working from home but these suggestions might help.

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04th Mar 2016 13:29

thanks Elliott, that was very useful. I am due to look at this in 2 months time.

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04th Mar 2016 13:37

Happy to Help

neutru wrote:

thanks Elliott, that was very useful. I am due to look at this in 2 months time.


Hi, happy to help if I can.

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08th Mar 2016 16:51


We have used our tech guys to provide a a hosted virtual windows machine with all our programs and data running on a server in a large data centre. We connect from 3 separate locations and have not had any problems since we started in 2011. Backup and support is provided by them and access is very quick and reliable.

I can provide their details and more info - pls private message me if required.

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