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Virtual secretary / typing services

I am looking for virtual secretary / typing services for general correspondence, file notes, short reports etc on an adhoc basis. I have a few documents a week and would much rather pay to have these typed up from a digital file than spend the time myself writing them up.

Does anyone use a service like this?

Does anyone know a sservice like this?

Would anyone recommend a specif provider of a service like this?



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I know someone
That I would recommend - pm me for details

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Very capable VA

I can vouch for a very capable VA/secretary who would be interested in taking on the kind of work you describe. Her typing speed is around 70 wpm, but her background is as a board level PA, so can do more complex work if required; and would apply a high degree of intelligence (e.g. sense-checking / proof-reading) to every job.  I'm happy to provide contact details by PM.

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Thank you all who have replied either here or on PM. As ever the Aweb community comes to the rescue!!

Best regards


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