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VT software

VT software

I am still using old VT transctions software which links up to VT Final accounts via Excel for preparation of Company accounts.What would be the advantage to me of using VT Transactions+ ?Am I correct in thinking that Final accounts are incorporated in VT Transactions+ programm and are no longer linked to Excel?I am confused on this I do subscribe to updates but have not received any manuals from VT on the subject.


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08th Jul 2009 12:27

Learning curve
VTT+ has more features than the old VT, but final accounts is still Excel based - i.e. separate. However, you can enter journals in the Excel accounts, that updates the VTT+ file at the same time as updating the final accounts. Plus you can drill down into the data from the Excel accounts. So although a bit of a learning curve, there are some advantages to the new software (including printing sales invoices). I am still getting used to it and gradually transferring over clients data.

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08th Jul 2009 12:35

VT User manuals
The VT user guides are all located within the 'Help' section of VT Transaction+. All in PDF format for easy print-out.

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08th Jul 2009 12:36

VT Transaction+ does not include the final accounts package
VT Final Accounts still runs in Excel and can import a trial balance from either VT Transaction+ or VT Transaction. However, if you are using VT Transaction+, you can enter journals and display double entry reports from either VT Final Accounts or VT Transaction+. The only difference between the methods is convenience.

The help topics for VT Final Accounts and VT Transaction+ have been re-written and improved, but user guides are no longer supplied.

Visit for a list of the improvements in the latest edition of VT Accounts or for on-line copies of the help topics in user guide format.

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By radford
10th Jan 2012 14:57

VT and charities

Anyone had any experience using VT with charity accounting?  It has under a 200k income. 

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