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Watch out HMRC shutting down PAYE schemes

Watch out HMRC shutting down PAYE schemes

Letter received from HMRC on an active client telling us that PAYE scheme closed.

We telephoned to query why this had happened and where told that computer had gone haywire and the lady we spoke to said there had been a number of calls about this today.

Anybody else had the same problem?


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01st May 2012 10:46

Yes I had this a couple of weeks ago

Client received a letter to say that PAYE scheme would be closed in 7 days unless she got in touch.  I called and they said it was because a NIL payment hadn't been received for Q/E 5 April 2012.  Client does this themselves and had forgotten.  What a faff.

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01st May 2012 11:22

If only . .

. . . they would actually pull their fingers out and shut down the schemes that have actually ceased!  It almost always takes two or three letters before they do anything but raise demands for payment or penalty notices.

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01st May 2012 11:37

Get the basics right

They are a bunch of clowns if we are honest.  No way should anyone let them loose on RTI until they've gone at least 12 months with a decent, clean record of dealing with the easy stuff professionally.

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