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WDV omitted from 2012 return - how to re-introduce to 2013

The TWDV of the general pool and car were omitted from the 2012 personal tax return, no capital allowances were claimed and I assume the ex acct did the return in haste - this client has now proved extremely slow in pulling information together.

I am now resubmitting the 2013 return and want to get the twdv back into the capital allowances section. Do I just put it into 2013 return or do I have to go about this the long way by writing to HMRC etc etc?


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Where should it have been?

Where were you expecting to find the TWDV on the return? I'm looking at the full self-employment pages on a 2012 tax return and there isn't a box for it, just boxes for the allowances claimed in the year.

The TWDV may be shown on a separate calculation, but that won't have been part of any return.

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Good point. It is just embedded in the software. Easy, thanks

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No worries

Glad to have set your mind at rest on that one. I fully appreciate the horror at the prospect of having to write separately to HMRC to get something fixed.

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