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What is A DISS40 Form (Companies House)?

What is A DISS40 Form (Companies House)?

I performed a search on Companies House. This particular company has this description attached to its recent filing history.

Form - DISS40 .
Description - Strike-Off action discontinued.

What does this mean and what is the relevance?


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14th Sep 2005 14:36

companies, without laibilities, can be struck off by its members or by CH ; however the striking off has to be discontinued if there is an objection. CH then issues a DISS40 to record that fact.

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06th Mar 2013 12:25

And an objection can be made if there are court proceedings for example, against that company. The objection can be upheld (discontinued Strike Off) to prevent the company from manipulating it's assets in order to keep monies for debtors. So I was told.

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25th Oct 2013 16:16

I have just called Companies House and the DISS40 just means the striking off has been stopped, and could just mean the accounts or annual return were received by Companies House.

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