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What would you do?

What would you do?

83 yo client having a clearout and has come across a chargeable event certificate from 2004/5 which I didn't see when preparing her SAR for that year. Although she is not anywhere near higher rate it does affect the age allowance that she is due for that year and a further £123 tax is due.

1) Fess up     (phone 0977-0000001)

2) Advise, let sleeping dogs lie. (phone 0977-0000002)

Callls cost £30 per min, calls from mobile phones may be higher


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17th Dec 2010 13:29

Write a nice letter to HMRC

You will have done your duty and HMRC are unlikely to take any action to collect in view of the amount, at least on the basis of their recent practice as it would not be cost effective.  So everyone will have a clear conscience and no cheque should be required of the client.

Jon Stow

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17th Dec 2010 15:53

what a lovely lady to volunteer

if i can recognise anything at that age let alone be still going  i shall be very dissappointed and surprised. i would do nothing on the grounds of common sense

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17th Dec 2010 18:16

I'm by the book

but also find that older clients worry about things if they are not cleared up, whether tax or anything else involving money.

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18th Dec 2010 11:50

The phone lines have closed. Please don't vote anymore...

Your vote will not be counted and you may still be charged.

And the winner is..... (ridiculously long pause long enough to go and put the kettle on)......


Fess up.

Mainly on the grounds that  she would genuinely  have sleepless nights if I advised any other course of action.

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18th Dec 2010 11:54

Just write a letter to HMRC

but make it brief just stating that these was a chargeable event that was not included on the tax return and that you estimate the further liabiilty to be £123. (Actually, you have no choice, if you don't then you are colluding in a money-laundering offence.)

Send it to HMRC by recorded delivery so that you have proof they have been informed of this.

I would be very, very surprised if you ever got a reply! 

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18th Dec 2010 12:55

presumably the money from the phone lines

will be credited against her fee note

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19th Dec 2010 18:18

Missread your options

I thought you wrote "Fees up" not "Fess up", so that's what I voted for. 

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19th Dec 2010 18:23


I would be very, very surprised if you ever got a reply! 


Posted by nigelburge on Sat, 18/12/2010 - 11:54


It will be Easter before they even open the letter :)

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