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Which version of Sage?

I have a client who uses Sage Instant (v2011) but I don't have Sage.  So far it's worked fine with them sending me a .csv file of the nominal balances etc each quarter, which I use to update VT.

We have a problem now as I have sent over the journals for the year end adjustments and they can't work out how to put them through.  So I've decided that I need to get Sage so that I can open their backup and either (a) make the adjustments for them or (b) be able to better talk them through how to do it.

So which version do I get?  My options, as I see it, are:

1. Sage Instant v2011

2. Sage Instant v2012 - will this still give me full functionality?

3. Sage 50 - again will this give me full functionality?  Or indeed enhanced functionality?  I need to work out whether it is worth me spending the extra ££.

4. Sage Accountants Club - will this give me access to the most recent version of Sage that I can use to open the backup?

I would welcome the thoughts of anyone who knows Sage because frankly I don't know it well enough to make the judgment!  Part of me thinks that if I'm going to go down the Sage route then I may as well get Sage 50 because it will give me more options.  But then I don't want to pay for something that will never get used and will be obsolete within a year.  I only have one client at present on Sage, the rest use VT or Excel.

Thank you very much.


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sage is scam

about the only people who like it are the badly trained small busnesses who think its the market leader before the even talked to you as their(favourite) accountant. They end up making so many posting errors which cant be corrected in the same period at a later date that the sage report is useless.

sage accountants club is fine if you already have other clients with sage but as a one off i would go for the "sage instant" basic version if you cant import csv files to vt any longer.


stick to vt

go over there and post the year end journals yourself

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Sage Version

If you want to be able to take the client's Sage data, make the changes and then return a backup to them, you'd need to go for v2011 - if you were to go for v2012, whilst you'd be able to restore their data, you'd not be able to send it back to them.

So, for the moment, the cheapest option would be Instant v2011 but, if the client were to upgrade to v2012 then you would need to do likewise.


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Go to the client's premises?

I have a couple of clients who use sage.  Once I have done their accounts I go to their offices to post my journals.

Or could you access their system remotely via something like logmein 123 (no idea how this works!)


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I'd rather not go to their office

It's not that handy, I generally work remotely.

johndon - if I bought Instant v11, would I be able to restore data from Sage 50 (any version)?  I know I wouldn't be able to do much with it, but would I actually be able to see it?

I've thought about remote access but I don't think they would go for it because of the other things I would be able to access.

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Use Excel

Type up the journal in Excel and ask them to enter it to Sage themselves.

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That's what I've done

They just can't work out how to post it.  I'm struggling to talk them through it because I don't have it in front of me.

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Sage Version

If you have Instant, you can restore Sage 50 data directly in to it subject to the same restrictions on version number.  So, for example, if you have Instant v2011, you can restore Sage 50 v2011 in to it but not v2012.


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Sage 2012

I have Sage 2012 and they send all the previous supported versions with it.

I don't have Instant so I don't know if they do it with Instant. It's best to ask Sage.

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What about using some kind of software like Logmein then dialling in remotely to do the journals on sage?


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Give them step by step instructions

Click on Modules

Click on Nominal

Click on Journals

Enter Journals as per Excel sheet provided

Check it balances in top right hand corner

Click Save

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Bad debts
Thanks occca. Is there a bad debt write off function too because I need to write a couple off?

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I would normally

Put the journals for control accounts to Suspense

Then ask client to put through dummy invoices / credit notes to correct customers and suppliers and code these to Suspense too

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Why not ...

... persuade them to go to Xero.

It is in the clouds so you can both see it without compromising your respective privacies.


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Remote Access

Logmein (or the simpler Join.Me) services would allow you to remotely control their PC to post the journals. You could watch their screens OR take over the mouse and keyboard and do it for yourself. Join.Me is completely free and works very well indeed.


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Grrrr this says everything about Sage

Just called to ask the question raised by petersaxton.  They tried to sell me Sage 50 Accounts Manager at a cost of £695 +VAT per annum.  When I pointed out that wasn't an option (it would all but wipe out the profit from the single client who uses Sage Instant) and could they please just answer my initial question, they couldn't get me off the phone quick enough.

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The answer, in case you're wondering

is no.

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