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Who do I refer complaint to at HMRC?

Who do I refer complaint to at HMRC?

I submitted a back years tax disclosure for a client last September. Despite several telephone calls to HMRC and promises of call backs from the agent issues team within 5 working days that never materialise, we are yet to receive any form of communication from HMRC, not even a telephone call to provide a progress report or a letter to acknowledge receipt of the disclosure (although we did receive a receipt for the monies the client paid over to HMRC within a few days!).  The disclosure involved a substantial amount of tax due, which the client has paid over to HMRC and at the moment it is sitting in credit to the client at HMRC as the back years tax liabilities have not yet been processed.  My clients are considerably worried about the situation and feel that they are entitled to at least some acknowledgement of their disclosure.  I have spoken to a complaints manager today who is going to lodge a formal complaint about the delays - but advised me that HMRC have 25 days to respond to complaints!  For an organisation that calls it's taxpayers "customers" this falls very short of satisfactory customer service. Apart from wiping the blood off my forehead where it has been constantly hitting the brick wall, is there anything else I can do to get this moving?


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04th Apr 2012 09:25

Our firm also has been having difficulty getting any sort of response from HMRC, either to letter or phone calls. They seem to ignore anything that does not suit them.

If you want to complain try the Adjudicators Office - website can be acccessed via HMRC website. Only problem here could be that HMRC complaints procedures have to be completed first.

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By Jimess
04th Apr 2012 12:02

Glad we are not alone....

It's comforting to know that we are not the only ones.  It is so difficult to even find out where in the HMRC the correspondence has gone to - all we get told is that it is with a "technical" officer and was last looked at on a certain date, but no address for correspondence so we cannot even write to chase it up - even then the chaser letter would sit mouldering in a postbag somewhere for a few months it seems. 

Thanks for the tip on the adjudicators office.  I guess I will have to wait out the 25 days for the compaint to be addressed.  I just feel for the client - the longer HMRC take to deal with it the more the client is worrying about it. 

We also have another matter on which our client was asked to provide information to a VAT officer within 21 days of receipt of the letter in November.  We provided the information within the 21 days on 4 December and are still waiting for a response.  The VAT officer is never available when I ring.  I have put in a couple of chase letters to the local compliance office, to absolutley no effect.  The client concerned has now ceased to trade and wants to close the company down, but cannot do so while the VAT enquiry is ongoing.  It is just ludicrous.  

A holding letter from HMRC to say that it has landed in someone's workpile would be better than nothing - at least then you know that there will be an outcome eventually and you can chase it, but no response whatsoever is dreadful and leaves everyone up in the air.  We have to explain to clients about the delays- they just want things to move on and blame us for the delays when we are as frustrated as they are.  It is just awful. 



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04th Apr 2012 12:08

Exchequer Secretary to the Treasury David Gauke is responsible

They work for you


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By ACDWebb
04th Apr 2012 12:10

Have you rung

the agent fast track number - who gave you the "will call back" response) or your Agent Account Manager

If you have not tried the latter then it ought to be worth a go if you have registered for that.

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By Jimess
04th Apr 2012 12:42


Yes to the agent fast track number - several times - was promised call backs from the "Agent Issues Team" within 5 days on three occasions and I am still waiting.  AAM has only re-iterated what the complaints manager has said - 25 days to deal with complaint.

Thanks for taking the time to respond - also to Chris Smail, will keep that information on file.

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By ACDWebb
04th Apr 2012 12:50

Ah well

worth a try. Sounds like your problem is what AAM's were supposed to deal with. Perhaps not then

Can the AAM not at least get processing of the correspondence dealt with? That would do something to set the clients mind at rest

The complaint is a separate matter

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By 4nick8
04th Apr 2012 18:50

Complaints support team address.


Google Nottingham complaints and see working together minutes in a pdf file

I have sent complaint letters to:

Nottingham Complaints Support Team

Yorke House

Castle Meadow Road



and it worked for me!

Good luck.






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04th Apr 2012 20:17


The AAM service can sometimes be brilliant.  Given the nature of the issue - ie a serious risk of HMRC going nuts at some later stage - I'd write off a formal Complaint Case - heavily marked envelope.

I've used this twice in the past few months and both times felt that I was at least getting speedy replies even if often pretty silly ones defending the indefensible.  In one I ended up filing Tribunal papers, after 12 months of writing and 3 months of filing the Complaint and 5 reviews by "senior management"

They tossed their hand in on the Tribunal case within TEN DAYS.  10 days, that is Mach 2 compared to their normal donkey cart speed.  I then pursued and got compensation for all the time & hassle.

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By Jimess
10th Apr 2012 09:45

Thanks for all your postings

Many thanks for all your help and taking the time to post. 

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