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Why replace Rooney with Heskey??

Each and every client I have spoken with this morning has asked me this question!!

I thought that as it seemed the gossip of the day I would get all of you accountingweb users to comment.

Roll on Switzerland and Croatia!!

Nick Robinson


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Ye Goode Olde Portuguese name...
... George Farmer.

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Just cause it says it on the tin!
'Its only a bit of banter, so lighten up your seeing things that dont exist!'

Of course, you hardly think Mr Farmer is actually Portuguese?!?

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English alien?
That's what we, who can speak English, call an Oxymoron.*

Also, while over in England as a student you seem to have failed to grasp the understanding of the word translate.

'I have now translated my name for you...'

No, you didn't. You clarified and extended your original 'Portuguese’ name.

I can only hope you picked up some culture during your say and received some benefit for your Euro's.

BTW, I'm neither English or British.

*Don't bother trying to quote Sting!

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If we can beat Spain what chance have England got? I have now translated my name for you as well you ignorant English alien man.

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It was Croatia who scored all 4 goals!
In France v Croatia, it was Croatia who scored all 4 goals to give France a draw! England has a game in hand! Not a walk over.

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Portugal 2 England 1

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Reds To Win! The Terracotta Variety That Is!
I think we will win and get these English hordes back home and off our terracotta coloured land.

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Croatia 2-2 France is a bad result for England
Croatia for 135 minutes tried holding on to what they had and stealing a goal and have been appalling.

For the next 45 minutes they played to win and played their part in the best half of football of the tournament so far.

Conclusion? Croatia trying to win, as they must do on Monday, are a very dangerous team and will cause England more problems than they would holding out for a point.

Also, having to beat Croatia would have been good experience for England if they are to be credible contenders for the tournament. It would have meant they would have had to win consecutive matches, the first in a list of requirements for all winners, something which they have not done at a championship since 1996.

Prediction? Draw, with an unimpressive England performance.

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You're right Kenneth
The second half of the Croatia/France game was a cracker.

Also, England V Croatia will also be very interesting.

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Mindy To Mork!
You really have lost the plot! contact Ork for assistance!

Its only a bit of banter, so lighten up your seeing things that dont exist!

"Euro specatator" needs to brush up on the tournament rules as the France result didn't stop England going on...Unless you mean the route to winning the trophy?

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Place your bets, Robert
Scoreline prediction?

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Cest Le Vie, France Are Better!
England were outplayed by France and their 2 late goals are a true reflection of the official match statistics. England tried to defend for a 1-0 against the run of play.

It is now nearly forty years since England stole the world cup with the help of a linesman. So in my book you are not a world soccer power.

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Bad result for England
Er, the Croatia/France game I mean.

Now England only need a draw to go through. Therefore they may be tempted to play like they did against France instead of the adventurous must-win style played against Switzerland.

Vassell should be on from the start. Because of the way it is set up, the result of this game is too close to call.

Robert, It looks like we received the result on my planet before you.

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England - will everybody just calm down?
I have to say, as an ex-player too, that there were lots to admire in England's last match against France.

However now that the game is 2/3 days old, alot of people and espeically the Press are starting to question England's tactics, Goalkeeper, backroom staff, and injuries.

We, here at home and nayurally hard at work(!)
really have no option but but to lrt the team and the Manager, to get on with the games - and get it right.

Main thing is to qualify fot the next phase, and I think we will do that. I certainly hope so, for all our sakes!!

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Swiss cheese defence
England 2 - Switzerland 0

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Mork To Robert! Come In Mork...
France were ahead in every dept other than just the scoreline, shots on goal, corners, cards, etc including, yes, the one history will remember, a 2-1 french victory.

I believe the Swiss are partly french here and there as well! Will England once more go cuckoo? For the sake of this afternoons entertainment lets....

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Switzerland 3 - England 2

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Not afraid of stating the blindingly obvious are we, Robert?
'their 2 late goals are a true reflection of the official match statistics'

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And I thought it was just with the Spanish the Portuguese had an
‘Farmer! Farmer! Just a joke about multi culturism(sp) in names and language that's all! You obviously didn't get it so revert to abuse!’
Indeed, if this passes for humour on earth you can keep it.
For what it’s worth, I would expect Portugal to win tonight. Rooney to be marked very tightly. However, I can’t join you in your Anglophobia.
BTW, why did you learn (or should I say attempt) to learn English? What attracted you to learn English if their culture is so repugnant to you?

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The Real Deal?

I'm overrated!

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England to lose ?

Somehow, I got the feeling that England is going to pay for their loss to France in their first game.

Portugal may be just too strong for England as they are the home team and are recovering very quickly from their complacency when they lost to Greece.

Portugal to win in extra time by penalty kick?

May the best team win.

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Also, David James....
should have been sent off for what was a very unnecessary personal assult on Henry who was running diagonally away from his goal anyway with only a very outside chance of scoring!

Looks like the England defence has gone cuckoo ahead of their 'easy' game with the Swiss.

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I Predict 3-0 England
will you accept my bet Mork, since your from another planet and may not yet know the result?

Lovely jubbly!

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That is the main question....

....but it is tending to divert attention from other pertinent questions.

For example, why did Calamity James have to kick Henry three feet in the air when all he was threatening to do was a bit of damage to some advertising boards?

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why pass backwards with only one minute to go?
why not at least kick in direction of France's goal???? With one minute left! Lampard should never have been put in such a position.

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Lets be positive
We've had nearly 48 hours to reflect now, so I say lets take the positives out of the game!

This was one of the best England performances of the recent past, against arguably the best team in the world. OK they lost but if the lads play like that in the rest of their games they could go a long way - lets just hope France get KO'd before we have to meet them again in the final!

As for positives, I hear Nicky Butt is on his way home...

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England soccer have not won anything for 38 years
I cannot understand why our collection of soccer no hopers get so much support, they will leave in the quarter finals if not before.

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No Surprise to me....!
As an ex-player myself, I just could not believe Heskey's tackle from behind(waist high) on the French player, which gave them the free-kick leading to the equaliser, and as for Gerrard's back pass with a minute to go.... even this Scotsman is stuck for words to describe such a debacle( is that a French word???).
England, in reality, allowed themselves to be bullied by the marauding French, due to the fact that the midfield joined forces with the back four and everything that poor old Sol head-butted towards the halfway line came right back at him, quicktime! This probably explains why Heskey had to coem back and try and give his tuppence-worth as a make-shift midfielder.
England to win it? Not this time, despite what the media wish to believe. Try Sweden, with Larsson's goal of the tournament. 'Course for the last seven years he has practiced that in Scotland!!!!

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Gerrard should never have done the back pass in the first place. Heskey should never have been in the squad this year or ever!!

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Liverpool Cameo
I'm disappointed to see that it was two former and one current Liverpool players at fault.

In order of culpability I would put,


Anyway, quite a lot of support in Ireland for England in this competition.

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Rooney Was Losing The Plot
Shades of Gasciogne left Sven with the headache of a possible red card due to Rooney's elbows flying and rash inappropriate tackles. Maybe Sven could have left him on a bit longer since he must have been fired up with the golden boy's ballsed up penalty which he won for his team.

The real question you should be asking is why was Beckham allowed to take the kick when Barthez so obviously knows his technique from the Man Utd training camp? El Tel picked up on this point as well on TV. As Sven and the team usually pick the penalty kickers before the match it is maybe another case of Beckham's big headed over confidence taking over? That's why Sir Alex moved him and his wife on.

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Mork ; An Alien Corrupted By English Arrogance?
I hope your not going to become like another 70's cult sci fi icon- 'The Man Who Fell To Earth', as in Portugal and specifically Lisbon? Substituting water for lager? Did you come to this earth for the lager Mork? Ran out at home?

You great big incorruptable Mork, so proud of your acquired stiff upper lip and sad jingonistic arrogance!

Is English arrogance about to be re-discovered by Portugal tonight?



Farmer! Farmer! Just a joke about multi culturism in names and language that's all! You obviously didn't get it so revert to abuse!

I will indeed quote/borrow from the great one Sting by mentioning that the 'Fragile' English defence, (4 conceeded?), will need to tighten up tonight. Or else its another victory for your lager lout scum....?

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First swallow. More to come?
Don’t see why England can’t go all the way. Having watched most of the games live (the rest in highlights) at this year’s tournament, I can’t see any team they need fear. The quality at this year’s tournament has been shocking!

However, for England to finish Top, France need to not win against Switzerland! So, now that that possibility is out of the way… They have to get passed Croatia first, and a defensive minded England could get beaten.

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don't hang on
If there is one thing that seems clear about this competition it is that you do not try to hold on and defend a one goal lead (just about every game so far !) because that is a sure way of conceding the next. Attack ! attack ! attack !

Otherwise it will be England 1 Croatia 2, the Algarve in flames, and no more internationals for England for the next ten years.....

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