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Will Sages entry to SaaS change your mind?

This questions is aimed at those accountants that have been reluctant to dive into the web-based accounting software market for their small business clients.

Late on Friday, news broke on our blog about Sages new product, Sage Live.

With the industry leader now entering this market (regardless of the quality of their offering), does this make you more likely to embrace web-based accounting software?

Duane Jackson


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By Anonymous
02nd Dec 2008 12:13

Hi Duane
I think that they have now opened it up to non ICAEW members - might be worth another go

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02nd Dec 2008 11:43

Persona Non Grata
I'd love to. I tried some months ago but wasn't allowed in as we're not ICAEW members.

Re going bust. This is something that comes up often and there's not much vendors can do to address the concern I don'thtink.

We've added an option that will automatically email a complete export of all data every week or month in a format compatible with Excel and Sage in an attempt to alleviate some of these concerns.

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01st Dec 2008 22:26

Nothing would put me off Saas more..

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01st Dec 2008 21:52

SAGE Live?
you kidding right?

... its been dead for years, I mean years! The only folk I know who ever talked about sage are dead too..

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By Anonymous
01st Dec 2008 16:53

I don't think that there will be too many people keen to follow Sage any more than they have to. Sage's reputation is beyond repair. I suppose it may raise the profile of the generic offering.

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By Anonymous
01st Dec 2008 16:49

What happens if they go bust?
Has always been a big question that has been asked of Saas application providers - maybe Sage wading in will alleviate some of these fears

Have you signed up for the ICAEW IT Counts site Duane? I am sure you would be very welcome there - you could add to the following that you have on UK Business Forums :O)

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