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Window Cleaner Incorporating

Good morrow Having a discussion with a colleague about valuing goodwill for a window cleaner incorporating. It is currently an established round for many years. I have done some digging through the window cleaning fraternity and looked through lots of adverts and rounds for sale etc etc and it seems to be that when a window cleaner looks to take over a round they will pay the equivalent of between 5 to 10 cleans. (a clean is considered to be once a month. So, it would be annual sales / 12 x 10. (a £30,000 turnover would be £25,000 goodwill; or if using 5 cleans £12,500 etc..) Does that sound reasonable to use a basis for valuation for goodwill? Many thanks


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Seems entirely reasonable

You have done the research.  If that is your conclusion, you have the evidence to produce if the Revenue challenge the figure.

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