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25th Nov 2011 19:32

I love your smileys Mouse .. and the weekend starts here :)

... but there are the weekend chores!

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By Tosie
25th Nov 2011 19:49

Thanks to Mouse and ShirleyM

Thanks or should that be cheers certainly cheers me up..

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25th Nov 2011 19:57

Have I got news for you

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25th Nov 2011 20:03


I just love your penguin animations :)

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25th Nov 2011 20:06

Live at the Apollo

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25th Nov 2011 20:17

Nearly bedtime!

Just for you Mouse :)

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By Flash Gordon
26th Nov 2011 08:26

I'm not sure...

all these naked shower scenes.... I may have to write to my MP!

I don't know where you guys get them but they're fab :) 

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26th Nov 2011 08:36

Thanks Flash :)

I can't really compete with the Mouse who has a licence to kill .... but I have fun trying :)

It's brekky time now ....

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By Flash Gordon
26th Nov 2011 10:07

It's the simple things..

that make me snort with laughter!!

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26th Nov 2011 18:42


in the morning

Sunday roast and then

in the afternoon. Tomorrow is going to be fun.


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26th Nov 2011 20:06

Wow :)

I'm not even gonna try & beat that !


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26th Nov 2011 23:01

Simon's Cat

Follow the cat - that was the funniest half hour of my life

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By Flash Gordon
26th Nov 2011 22:33


That was fab, I may have to be a follower..........

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02nd Dec 2011 09:50

Funtastic, you should put on a show!

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06th Dec 2011 23:32

Just wait


Funtastic, you should put on a show!


I was thinking of doing something special for Christmas

Perhaps a twelve day countdown

Or a Xmas day only Special

Or a dragon hunting competition


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07th Dec 2011 10:14

I vote for a countdown

... and please don't shoot the cute dragons ...

 ...  and even the goofy dragons are funny (but better in small doses) :)

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