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Work from home

Work from home

I am a certified accountant. I have always worked partly from home doing sole trader accounts and a few company accounts that are below the audit threshold and partly employed in practice. I am at a stage in life where I can afford to earn less and am just going to work from home. I do not want a practicing certificate as I don't want the beaurocracy that goes with it. However I do and have always kept my CPD up to date. I have also always had an insurance policy to cover any liability that may arise from my self employment.

My question is simple does any one see any pitfalls from me operating this way?


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12th Mar 2012 11:38

Not really

I take it you are thinking of giving up ACCA registration, in which case you are, to my mind, only giving up the potential to provide minor services, in fact the only ones I can think of are providing references to lenders and landlords.  I'm really struggling to think of any other direct effect (sad isn't it?). 

There is obviously the potential to lose new business if someone only wants to use a "qualified" accountant but, given that in 30 years no client has ever asked me what qualified means and no prospective client has ever mentioned approaching me because of the letters after my name, who cares?  Much more important, as you say, to publicise the fact that you maintain CPD and PI cover.  I'd also suggest you maintain any continuity agreement.

Having given up audit registration last year and planning to give up office working (after nearly 30 years) next month, do you mind if I ask you the same question at the end of the year?

Good Luck

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12th Mar 2012 11:39


So long as you register with HMRC as an ASP which you have no doubt already done. :) 

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12th Mar 2012 13:43

"I do not want a practicing certificate"

There have been quite a lot of questions on this topic and I had understood that as a member of ACCA, you would have been required to have a practising certificate before preparing company accounts as a self-employed individual.  Am I wrong?

Or are you saying that you do currently have a practising certificate, but do not wish to continue with it?  If so, your only option, as Paul says, would be to give up your ACCA membership.

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By newmoon
12th Mar 2012 20:43

How minor is not being able to provide a finance reference?
I'm interested to know what non qualified practices do when a client wants a mortgage, loan or letting agent reference.
I'm in practice (Chartered) and such references are a pretty regular part of the job, with on average 15-20 references a year out of a client base of 250-300.
What would I do with these if I dropped the Chartered tag?
I agree that in pretty well every other respect being a Chartered practice seems to have minimal effect.

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12th Mar 2012 20:55

Interested to hear pros and cons of having an office v working from home.  I have tried both and I guess it depends on personal preferences.  On balance I liked having a lower cost base!

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By Ned
13th Mar 2012 20:49

Thanks for all your comments its always good to get other points of view

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26th Aug 2012 21:20

Hi, just wanted to bump this thread and see how OP finds operating outside the prof body. I'm looking at starting accounts on the side, interested in trying to go full time after seeing how it goes. Im currently in industry after being in practice, would happy let my membership lapse as don't think I get much out of it anyway.

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