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working tax credits

working tax credits

I have been informed that a lad living with his parents with no mortgage or other committments is receiving £48 per week working "mans" tax credit this is a new one to me is there such a thing as a working "mans" tax credit?If so it seems a great idea to claim this one on behalf of clients!!


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27th Sep 2007 17:07

yes and no
the working tax credit is reduced by 37% of income over the £5,220.

you need to be working to be able to claim working tax credit (hence the name!)

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By Anonymous
27th Sep 2007 11:33

working tax credit
Thanks for that.Is there a sliding scale for the £1750 for earnings in excess of 5300?Can unemployed also receive this benefit?

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27th Sep 2007 10:10

Working Tax Credit
I think you will find they are referring to the "Working Tax Credit".

If a single person earns under £5,220 then they are entitled to Working Tax Credit of £1,730. They will also get an additional £705 if they work 30 hours per week or more.

The £1,730 plus £705 would equate to £46.83 per week.

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