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Would a Turkey Vote for Christmas

Would a Turkey Vote for Christmas

Like other members I have just received my AGM papers and the ICAEW are seeking an increase in fees.Equally like other practices we are continually at the receiving end of existing clients wanting  a reduction in fees. We have just negotiated with an existing client the fee for next year which is some 15% lower than the present fee. We are all being squeezed but what are professional bodies doing - squeezing further ! No prizes fot guessing which way I will vote - but no doubt the other Turkeys will vote for Christmas.


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14th May 2012 10:45

I remember

A few years ago they justified their increase by saying that the subscription was currently the same as for the nurses professional subscription and it really should be more.  Somehow they thought they were better than nurses and deserve a higher subscription. 

I don't follow this argument and still never cease to be amazed at the amount it goes up each year.  I do pay extra for the tax faculty, which produces some good literature and I think is worthwhile.  The only other "benefit" I have had from them in the past is an practice assurance inspection, which I needed like a hole in the head, and for which the fees were increased significantly a few years ago.

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14th May 2012 10:56

Anyone read that a chunk...

... of their revenue is now coming from a new profit centre called disciplinary fees! In other words, punishing their members is now their major source of income!

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By 3569787
03rd May 2016 17:54

Leave so you don't have Christmas?


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14th May 2012 13:48

Ultimately, this is not a forced extraction

You have voluntarily joined the ICAEW of your own free will and you are able to resign your membership at anytime.

The fees reflect the cost of running an organization such as the ICAEW, which in these difficult times of continual interference from the state (MLR, SOCA, etc.) is a useful guide and reference point.

However, Steve McQueen's point about a major source of income being from punishing their members is a genuinely felt and previously expressed view. I know that at least one of the members of AccountingWeb feels themselves persecuted by their accounting body.

For myself, I prefer a less reactionary organization, which is why I am not a member of the ICAEW.

Then again, I doubt that I would have joined the BMA either if I was a doctor given their high-handed attitude.

Your mileage may vary.

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