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Yet another brick wall put up by HMRC

Just had experience of the latest modernisation of HMRC's.  We all knew it was coming.  I used to call my local CT office and always got a prompt, efficient and friendly service.  Such calls are now put through to yet another telephone helpline.  Took probably 10 times the time for it to be answered, after, of course, the obligatory numbered choices.  Staff still appear to be marginally more human than those on the main tax helpline but I am hearily sick of all this 'progress'.

Don't need any answers.  Just letting off steam...


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27th Nov 2012 15:53

are you surprised


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27th Nov 2012 16:36


I've had the same experience a couple of times. On both occasions the call centre couldn't help and had to refer my query to the "local" office to deal with anyway...


Local being the Merthyr Tydfil office where most of our clients are passed to, even though they are based in Cornwall. 

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27th Nov 2012 16:52

Telephone Menu

I suspect that the numbered telephone menu is intentionally made as annoying & frustrating as they can get away with in order to discourage calls.

The VAT "helpline" is the best example of this. Unless they expect high numbers of technophobes, luddites or Amish then can we just assume I have already tried the awful website and would not be subjecting myself to this hellish "helpline" unless I had to?


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By Old Greying Accountant
27th Nov 2012 17:18

Not only that ...

... they sound like a 78 being played at 33 1/3, I didn't know it was possible to talk taht slowly! As you say, you only call because the website is too superficial to tell you what you want, what you really really want!

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28th Nov 2012 09:41

Recent experience

Phoned the local CT office recently and commented how good it was to speak to a human and one that could sort things out.  They advised me that they were being closed and we would have the joy of the helpline 'service' in future.  Simple problems easily resolved now taking much more resource to sort out..

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28th Nov 2012 09:56

I know, they were the last bastion of a decent service, all now gone.  My local office - all seriously helpful and friendly - warned me a few months ago this was on its way.

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