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2020 says most accountants are charging £250 for iXBRL

I attended 2020 small firms conference yesterday. One point that was mentioned that accountants should charge addditional £250 for iXbrl. The point made was that most of their members do this.  They said this was one way to increase fees.

With simplicity of VT, I do not see any justification for additional fees. Further, I am not adding any  value to the client by doing this.

On this aspect I think 2020 is completely out of touch with reality. Am I wrong?



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Chris Wise |

my question would be....

justsotax |


nigelburge |
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Absolutely not

rockallj |
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My question would be....

sanjiro |

I half agree with them

Jekyll and Hyde |

The converstion

Steve Holloway |
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Phew, thought I was missing out...

should_be_working |
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£250 is too much in most cases

zarathustra |
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Yes and No

djw090 |

We have raised our prices but not by anything like £250

Discountants |
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£250 is far too much!

petew |
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Yes and No

AS |


petersaxton |
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If there's bad news make it cheap

Paul Scholes |
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