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ACCA or CIMA.....or both? confused as to which one i should do.....

I am leaning towards ACCA, as it is more flexible than CIMA. Moreover i could open my own pratice someday.

However CIMA is also very tempting as it is more respected, and has a stellar reputation.....from what i can gather...

Moreover nearly all the executives at my workplace are ACCA trained (albeit they all trained at large firms)... Is this changing, are CIMA trained individuals beginning to occupy top positions in companies. I am considering doing CIMA first, and then spend a however long it takes is to do ACCA (i think its 1 year).

Has anyone here done both?

Help please........what would you do....?

I am 24 and a pure accountancy graduate.....and very confused....

Many thanks in advance....
David Brent

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skylarking |

My word...this is a blast from the past!

Anonymous |

Do Whichever Suits You!

AnonymousUser |

of course with aca you run the risk of turning into a complete a

Sir Digby Chicken Caesar |
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davide1982 |

Practice v Industry

Blueveinedboy |

I was in same postion

AnonymousUser |

I agree with Chris Fyfe

neileg |

CIMA in practice

Neville Ford |


ginnysanter |

Hold on!

Anonymous |


AnonymousUser |

It really doesn't matter

CP Fyfe |

ACCA unbeatable

Anonymous |

ACA every time

listerramjet |
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Anonymous |

ACCA its the only choice...

AnonymousUser |


Anonymous |

CIMA members in practice

wfewtrell |

I agree with Neil

CP Fyfe |