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I'm currently involved in an operations management type role in the financial sector with a salary of around £25k. I'm currently considering embarking upon studies with the aim of becoming a qualified accountant in 4 years (part-time studies).

Two questions really. Bearing in mind my current role and salary, is there likely to be any financial advantage for me at the end of the 4 years when I strut around fully qualified? Also, what are the pros and cons of the CIMA and ACCA routes? I'm looking for a qualification that will provide me with as flexible and lucrative opportunities as possible and will also sit nicely alongside my existing management experience.

Any views would be greatly appreciated!
Barry Fotheringham

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AIA also a possible route too

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bearing in mind your current experience ....

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ACCA or CIMA?: An objective opinion

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It depends but ultimately it is still a professional Qualificati

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