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Access database with 1.8 million addresses

Needing to do some cold calling to drum up a bit of business I've bought myself the Yell UK Business Directory - amazing value at only £79 with 1.8 million addresses, phone number, no of employees, ISIC codes etc ( )

My problem is that it comes in an Access database, and at 1.4 gigabytes and 1.8 million records my PC is grinding to a halt trying to handle it.

To make it manageable I'd like to chop it up into separate files - one for each county. But whatever I try, it simply locks up.

Can any Access expert tell me the simplest way of achieving this? Thanks

David Carter

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the old Copy and Paste did it

David Carter |


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boxing clever

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Suggested reading ....

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Acces specs

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re Bob

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Alternatively - try linking ...

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Not sure if it will work, but.

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I think your stuck!

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Try SQL Server Express ....

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