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Some of you who pay close attention to Any Answers and the AccountingWEB feedback discussion group may have seen mentions of some of the new initiatives we are planning as part of this week's relaunch.

Rather than hiding them away in a far-flung corner of the site, our new Discussion Group page will display all active groups on a single page, and offer more routes into the conversations that take place there. To take advantage of this, we are planning a range of new groups.

Please take a look at the list below, and comment if any of them appeal to you. We're not just looking for people who want to post comments, though. For a discussion group to really work, it needs someone to lead and moderate the debates, and keep them bubbling along by posting items and observations that may interest other members - David Winch's 1,200-strong Money Laundering and Crime discussion group shows what is possible.

You don't have to compete with David, though. Even if just 10-20 members share a particular interest, we're happy to create a group for them and our community manager Becky Midgley is always available to help you build and manage them. If you would like to set up or lead a discussion group on AccountingWEB, either let us know by posting below or drop us a private message.

Here are some of the new groups we're considering. Tell us which ones you would like to join:

  • Audit - led by Steve Collings
  • Financial reporting - Steve again
  • Company Cars - a group led by Nigel Harris to look at tax issues (and perhaps in a few Top Gear-style price/performance comparisons)
  • Employment taxes - led by Anne Fairpo
  • International tax - Anne again
  • StudentZone - offering help with questions, exam tips and career advice
  • Career and CPD advice
  • Groups for the main professional bodies - share your gripes, ideas and pointers to useful resources
  • More software user groups - joining those such as Sage 50, VT Software and IRIS, where members share their experiences and suggestions
  • Vertical market discussion groups, similar to the successful construction group. New groups could focus on manufacturing, distribution, etc.
  • Community-driven editorial planning - Following the success of our Upgrade focus group, we are thinking of involving members in a virtual editorial board to guide our long-term editorial planning around tax, practice, technical, technology and business issues. Because of the sensitivity of some of the plans, this group would be private.

Let us know too if there are other groups that you would like to take part in.


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Too many groups

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