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ACPA / ICPA / IFA - which to choose?

Provided I qualify to become a member of ACPA / ICPA / IFA which would be the best to chose?

I have read alot on here about ICPA and their benefits and support. There isn't so much about ACPA but they seem to be similar in type. The IFA seem to differ slightly from both.

I would be particularly keen to hear from current members from any of these organisations, with their opinions on the services and support provided.

Also in terms of a quality perception in accounting circles, are all three on a par?

What about the future of each of the bodies? In terms of membership numbers and development, and where are they headed in terms of standing in the profession in the future?

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.


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ICPA 670 + Practices and Growing

giannina |

Provided you qualify?

Anonymous |


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Jason Dormer |
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ACPA/ICPA/IFA: Which to choose?

paul240776 |


chatman |

Why not all?

davegibson00 |

Non CCAB bodies

Anonymous |

icpa or acpa?

ColinAD |

I dont understand the constant dissing of the ICPA

zarathustra |
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Martinn7 |

Think about AIA

Anonymous |

None of the above?

Anonymous |

Benefits from joining ACPA

sussexbulldog |
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IFA leading body of accountants representing SMEs and SMPs

Sharon Jandu |

Yes membership would help

johnc1711 |

A difference that counts

john59 |

ICPA without hesitation

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