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Advise on CTA after ACCA exams.

Hi everyone,


First post on this forum by the way.


A bit of info: I am studying for ACCA, I got 5 exemptions from the degree I did (BA Hons Business Management with Professional Accounting) and have started on papers F6 and F9 for the June sitting. I have also opted in for the Oxford Brookes BSc Applied Accounting.


After I have finished studying ACCA I want to study CTA.


So I am after a few bits of information:

1. With being ACCA qualified, what sort of salary should I be expecting?

2. With being ACCA qualified and working towards CTA, what salary should I be expecting? (If my employer sponsors it)

3. With being ACCA and CTA qualified what salary should I expect?

4. Would it be worthwhile studing CTA if I am ACCA qualified?

5. Can you get exempt from a few papers of CTA if you are ACCA Qualified?.


Sorry but I do have many questions, your response would be very much appreciated.



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no idea about salary

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CTA Books

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