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Any software for Bookkeeping?

 Hi Everyone I have been using spreadsheets for the last 3 years for bookkeeping purpose, I was wondering if there is any access based software in the market for this purpose. I have previously used sage v14 for this but it takes too much time to input data and I think it is not meant for small sole traders with the cash sales. Any help will be highly appreciated.

From one expert's answer I realized my mistake that I have not mentioned that I am a newly qualified accounting technician and in the process of becoming AAT MIP soon and do this bookkeeping and p&l for my customers, And honestly I am bit nervous as well about my own practice you know first time phobia!!

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Another vote for VT

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VT - again

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Ask your accountant!

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Any Software for Bookkeeping

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VT transaction+

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Another Vote for VT

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Cashflow Manager

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Accounting software

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