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Anyone good with Excel who can help me please?

My knowledge of Excel is a bit limited - I have set up a simple spreadsheet and all I need is a cell which has a formula which says if cell B1 is larger than zero multiple B1 by 17.5% but I cant get the formula right - can some kind sole help me?

Thank you


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Here we go...

Gary Hornby |
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Might be better to use

ACDWebb |
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Call me Little Miss Fusspot

julie.severn |
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Thank you all

happy |
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I prefer ...

PennyC |

So many ways to skin a cat

nogammonsinanundoubledgame |
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Spreadsheet rule 1

stgreg |


Whinger |

If Statements

ajm3780 |

More on excel spreadsheets

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saltimbamba |

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saltimbamba |


adam.arca |

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yardleystar |

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jason.raikes |

Getting the total right

CliveTulloch |
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Sorry ...

CliveTulloch |
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All fixed

John Stokdyk |
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