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Application for striking off

In the past, when an application for striking off has been made to Companies House, it has been our policy not to prepare statutory accounts for the final period/year as Companies House does not require them and because the date of application falls several months before the accounting reference date.

In such circumstances, we have submitted accurate and detailed management accounts, signed by the directors, to the Revenue in support of the relevant Corporation Tax returns. Sometimes the Revenue accepts these, and sometimes rejects them on the basis that there is no directors' report. We have always re-submitted the management accounts stating that no directors' report is required, and the Revenue has accepted this.

On the most recent occasion, the revenue has insisited on a directors' report. We argued that the nature of a directors' report is that it is prepared only when statutory accounts have been prepared, and as no such accounts have been prepared in this instance, no directors' report exists. The Revenue stated verbally that it also required statutory accounts. We managed to agree with the Revenue to submit some sort of directors' statement containing all the information in a directors' report but not statutory accounts.

The Revenue stated that when online filing is mandatory, statutory accounts will be required or else the Corporation Tax return(s) will be rejected.

What do other firms do in such circumstances, and what are they planning to do when online filing is mandatory please?

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Do statutory accounts!

Monsoon |
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Little to do

zebaa |

Same experience

Paul Scholes |
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Thank you everybody for your responses

Bluffer |
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Accounting date

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