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Arctic Systems - where are we now ?

I am about to do the 2006 personal tax returns for the husband and wife of a husband-and-wife company and, having lost the plot with the Arctic Systems appeals etc, I wonder what is the latest ? In my case the wife is a director and the Company Secretary.The have 1 share each. She doesn't do much apart from the accounts and field phone calls. The dividends of £56,000 in total are paid into a joint bank account. She has a salary of £8,660, he has a salary of £9,160. Are we "safe" to split the dividends 50/50 this year ? i.e. £28,000 each.
Stephen Barker

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Oops !

mikewhit |

As the law stands..

deanshepherd |

Im 100% with Clint

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Have to agree too.

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Call me cynical, ...

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I'm with Dean

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