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Are there any accountancy students out there?

Students are often given a hard time for posting exam questions on Any Answers, but I'd like to change that situation for once.

As part of our preparations for's relaunch next month, we're examining options to expand our content and the audiences we serve - including accountancy students. For starters, I'd like to know how many of you drop by the site on a regular basis and use the facilities we offer.

More to the point - what could we do to help you more? If you've qualified in the past few years, or are a student now, please let us know your thoughts. One of the things that might be possible would be a subsection of Any Answers where members would be available to help students with their questions.

Feel free to post here, but if you're interested in talking through ideas in more detail, there's now a thread in our feedback group called Can do more for student accountants?

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